On Location


From being a Spanish military base in Asia, Intramuros is now a popular destination for tours, cultural performances and Philippines’ colorful history. Go back in time and experience a wonderful moment with love and passion before your very special day. Intramuros is not just the best place for couples to cherish time, but also a perfect location to capture the happiest moments with one another.



Dreaming of a wonderful view of fine white sand, clear water, blue sky and beautiful stretch of beaches? Boracay is the paradise you’re looking for. It is located in the province of Aklan, with 7 kilometers beach stretch and 1 kilometer wide. This is the place where you can absolutely spend precious moments with the one you love most. Feel the nature’s gift where you could relax, enjoy and cherish every single moment that will be very memorable for both of you.

El Nido

El Nido has worldwide attention because of its pristine white beaches, scenic mountains, limestone cliffs, mysterious caves, enchanting lagoons and more. This is a paradise for couples to spend their precious moments with one another. Staying in El Nido with your very special someone will never be more perfect with the scenery and beauty that you can find. From aerial, panorama and under the sea scenery, paradise is the word to describe El Nido.